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ANSR-48 Flight Summary

4 Apr 2009, 1611 UTC, (9:11 AM MST)

Payload Computer,
Student Payload Projects, APRS Beacon

Flight Notes

3000 gram balloon

Space Grant flight in support of Arizona State University, Embry-Riddle, Pima Community College, South Mountain Community College, and The University of Arizona.

Landed adjacent to Arizona State Prison facility and like Andy Dufresne, we managed to escape.

Flight Data

Data and statistics recovered from the Flight Data Recorder:

81.4 statue miles from the launch site on a heading of
85° true

Flight time
1:57:05, landed 1808 UTC, (11:08 PM MST)

Lift off at
683', touch down at 1581'

Peak altitude

Average ascent rate 1055'/minute.  Average descent rate
2689'/minute.  At touch down 1011'/minute.

Lowest internal payload temperature
14.5° F, average 40.0° F.

GPS maintained 99.91% 3D lock during flight.  Average PDOP 1.40.  Average of 11.84 tracked satellites.

Average bus voltage - Payload Computer 10.85 volts

Student Projects

The primary mission of ANSR is to - Promote science and education by exploring frontiers in amateur radio and high altitude balloons. The ANSR-48 flight is another example of flying student payloads on a high altitude balloon.

ANSR and The Arizona Space Grant Consortium have teamed together to support the ASCEND! program. ASCEND!, a statewide Arizona Space Grant Consortium Workforce Development program, is uniquely designed to involve undergraduate students from across Arizona in the full “design-build-fly-operate-analyze” cycle of a space mission.

Flight Data Recorder and Maps

ANSR-48 Flight Data

Payload Computer Flight Data Recorder contents as comma separated text (ASCII).  NOTE: This file contains the complete flight recording in one second increment.  Additional information on telemetry measurands included with Payload Computer - Data Logger

ANSR-48 APRS Beacon Flight Data

APRS Beacon Flight Data Recorder contents as comma separated text (ASCII).  NOTE: This file contains the complete flight recording in one second increment

ANSR-48 APRS Direct Data

APRS data received direct on 445.950MHz at IRLP site location.

ANSR-48 Flight Path

Flight Path Map.

Data Analysis

The following chart shows the ground speed compared to altitude during the ascent and descent phase of the flight. Note the similarity in the winds aloft for a given altitude.


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