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Your comments, suggestions, and criticisms are appreciated.  The web site will only improve with your feedback.

You may contact me via e-mail which is shown below sent to this web site kd7lmo.net.

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FAQ (Frequency Asked Questions)

Although I try to answer all e-mails, I sometimes miss a few because of time constraints or you just didn't give me a good return e-mail address. Here are some common questions I have received.

Where did you get that gold colored foil that covers your payloads?  The material is called Space Blanket and is used on space launched satellites. It reflects thermal radiation very effectively, but only in the vacuum of space. At our lower altitude it doesn't really do anything. However, it looks cool so I've used it on some of the payloads. As you can image, it is very expensive. This material was provided by a retired Aerospace Engineer that was able to get some scrap from space craft testing.

Do you sell assembled hardware?  No. Building and supporting a product takes a lot of time and effort. Since the market for these devices is so small, I'd never be able to turn a profit.

Can I purchase a PCB from you? Yes. For many of the designs I purchase PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) from a prototype board house. The minimum order is 5 pieces, so I end up with 3 or 4 unused boards from most project. The cost of the boards range from $15 - 40 each depending on the number of layers (2 or 4) and the size. I sell these at the original cost plus shipping. The only in in-formal request is to send a picture of the assembled and hopefully working board.

Can you help me with a commercial project? Yes. I do provide custom hardware and software design for a wide variety of projects. If you see something of interest, please send me an e-mail. However, work is limited to US based companies

Do you have a schematic or software for item X?  Probably not. If it's not posted on the web site, I don't have it. Everything I have or want to give away is published here.

Where did you purchase the hardware for item Y?  Visit the list of vendors for everything that has been detailed on this web site. Common requests are for antennas, GPS engines, and the 2.4 GHz video link hardware.

Can you do a presentation for our group?  Yes. If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area I would be happy to give a technical briefing on ham radio projects such as the ones shown on my web site.

I have a GNU Radio Question. I would check the GNU Radio Wiki. There is an excellent Wiki as well as mailing list. Your question is probably already answered on that page. Be sure to use the latest software release. The stable tar ball is the best place to start. I would install it on Ubuntu LTS Server 6.0.6. Everything compiles and runs right out of the box.

What format is your GNU Radio OTA (Over The Air) samples? Intel endian, 32-bit floating point values in I, Q, I, Q, I, Q, order...


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